Face database UMH

This database contains 510 color images of 17 subjects (30 images per subject).

Lighting is uncontrolled, and variations between images of the same subject include distance to the camera, pose, background, facial expression and focus (different cameras were used).

Apart from that, dark glasses and caps introduce occlusions in some of the images.

Image size is 121×151 pixels.

In order to show the kind of images present in this face database ), figure 1 shows the first image for all 17 subjects; and figure 2 shows the complete set of 30 images for one of the subjects.

As figure 2 shows, some images are captured against a white background while some other images are captured against a non-uniform background; some of them even include occlusions such as dark glasses and caps. It is clear that, even in the first image of each subject (see figure 1), where there are no occlusions and the background is uniform, the capture conditions are less controlled than those of other popular databases like AT&T, FERET or YALE (in terms of distance to the camera, lighting, focus, etc.).

To obtain a copy of the UMH database the user should email to: suni@umh.es


Figura 1